What does the cost of your wedding services include?

Detailed tariffs for services are indicated in the "Prices" section. If none of the tariffs suits you, write to me and we will find an individual solution for you. Write what kind of photography you are interested in and I will contact you to discuss all the details - location, budget and duration.



How many photos will we get?

On average, for 8 hours of shooting at a wedding, you get from 300 processed photos. It all depends on the saturation and length of the day, there may be more photos.


In which town are you?

Do you photograph abroad? I live in Kiev. I love traveling to Asia, but I also love Europe, and weddings are no exception - I have filmed weddings in India and Thailand. In addition, he participated in organizing weddings in Goa and on the Phi Phi Islands. It may turn out that on the date you have planned, I will be exactly where you are. Do not wait, write to me and I will contact you to clarify the possibility of shooting.



How do I book a photo date?

To book a date, write to me in the "Contacts" section or in any convenient way. After confirming the date, and making an advance payment, the shooting date will be booked for you.



Still have questions?

Leave your question and I will contact you to answer it as soon as possible.