Several hours of laughter, fun and quiet comfortable communication. In dawn Kiev, in the sea of ​​lupines or on the Black Sea coast. And the result is always the same - magic. Stas knows how to catch me the way I see and feel myself. I love Stas and you will love him as soon as you know :)


Many happy and touching moments in my life were shot by Stas. And he did it in such a way that it gave goosebumps when watching. He is also a pleasant, deep and charismatic person! Recommend!


Stas, I just looked through everything carefully today and what I want to say)) THANKS) very very cool, stylish and lively) we are delighted) thank you again!


I rarely write reviews, but I want to share my emotions from this photo session. To begin with, I’m not a model at all) and I definitely don’t know how to take the necessary poses, and I don’t really like these staged shots, they are too artificial for me, “not alive”, but there was an idea and a mood. When I told Stas around the bush what I want (I myself would not understand exactly what they want from me), he said I understood))), we will do everything! The photo session took place at ease, Stas felt my mood and gave very necessary Advice on how to convey this in the frame, so that the silent picture would “speak”, probably this is professionalism.
He also has a talent for seeing beauty in simple and ordinary things, finding amazing locations, camera angles, play of light and putting everything together harmoniously. Catch and Convey emotions. Maybe that's why we trust the most solemn and intimate events to photograph you Stas))) while enjoying the holiday, I don't think how to become, how to smile. We receive emotions, and you catch and capture them! The result always exceeds expectations !!!! Reviewing photos a thousand times, I catch a thousandth smile on my face! Thank you very much ♥ ️


We become the most beautiful in moments when we experience good honest emotions, in moments of simple happiness, when we are happy or calm. For some, the reason will be a family hug, for someone a walk with their beloved dog, for someone a run through the dawn city or a significant event, a holiday with friends. Such moments are unique! But there is still a way to preserve them as sweet jam and then return a few years later to the same emotions, share them with friends and just remind ourselves how beautiful we become when we are dressed in happiness. Yes, everything is simple - this is a photograph. And a healthy photographer will be able to capture the very essence and give you a whole jar of sweet, kind memories.
 Stas is just like that for me, more than once seeing him at work, I was convinced of how sincerely and easily everything goes, how people open up in front of his camera and do not skimp, but on the contrary share their happiness and in return get superb filled photos. Thank you Stanis Denchuk for seeing the world like this ❤️


Thank you very much guys for your attention, professionalism and positive attitude. Many men will understand me and agree that a photo session is not the most pleasant event ... But with these guys everything is different, they just managed to make me calmer, more relaxed and even enjoy the photo session. I am very grateful to them for choosing a place for my and my wife's wedding photo shoot, we went to a quarry near Korostyshev, the place is unrealistically steep, and the photos turned out to be generally bombable !!! Thank you again, and I look forward to a new reason to collect and order a photo session!