I already wrote about the benefits of early climbs, and now I want to continue. To begin with, the heroine of this shooting, in principle, "gets up with the roosters", and possibly even earlier :) Therefore, she does a lot of things and always arrives in a good mood, which charges everyone around her!

So it was this morning. Usually Kiev is a noisy and crowded city (on the scale of Ukraine :)), and after nine in the morning you want to find peace and solitude, but when your day begins before dawn, this is a completely different city!

Peace and quiet reigns around, the streets are deserted, there are practically no cars on the roads and it seems that the whole city is yours!

And that's what I realized; if you are tired of the rhythm of the metropolis, from the bustle and traffic jams, if it seems that you need to change the scenery - start your day with the Sun, enjoy the silence and beauty of morning Kiev, and you will love this city again!

And if you add a good and kind friend to all of the above, you will be happy :)

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