It was an unforgettable weekend! There was no such "marathon" even in the days of crazy youth :)) About what preceded and followed this shooting,

I will tell and show another time, today my heroes Zhenya and Andrey.

It was the second day of the Crimean wedding ... a lively, hospitable, nourishing and very hot wedding :)

Since we did not have time for the pre-wedding shooting before the wedding, we decided to go to the sea and shoot there. Moreover, the road ran through the endless Crimean vineyards.

Despite the fatigue of the first wedding day, the August heat, a slight hangover and a rather long journey - the guys showed real courage,

dedication, obedience to my whims and just trusted our genius :))

Thank you Zhenya and Andrey for the Crimean holidays, for your trust and the sea!






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